Cristina Baltayian teaches group and private classes in contemporary botanical illustration.
Students learn how to create a botanical portrait, as well as:

  • Hone observation skills
  • Be guided through sketching and line drawing exercises
  • Discover how to arrange shapes on a page and make a pleasing composition
  • Translate a 3-dimensional subject onto a 2-dimensional surface

Currently Offered Group Courses:

10am-2pm; Los Angeles Arboretum and Botanic Gardens, Oak Room
$275 members; $295 non-members (includes admission)

These classes will be exploring color pencil, graphite, pen and ink, and watercolor on various papers, vellum and other surfaces. The emphasis will be on plant observation, drawing, composition, color theory and matching, and medium techniques. All levels of experience are welcome, and participants will find a very high degree of personalized attention.
In conjunction with the Botanical Artists Guild of Southern California, students will be studying and portraying many of the Arboretum plant introductions from the last 50 years. The goal is to build a collection of paintings that will celebrate and document the invaluable contribution of the Los Angeles Arboretum to the state of California.

Class participation is limited to a minimum of 5 students and a maximum of 12.


Private Instruction:

For private courses, please contact the artist directly.